How Long Does Zenni Take to Ship? Zenni Optical Shipping and Processing Order Time

Zenni optical offers the highest quality prescription glasses on the internet. They offer sunglasses affordable eyewear and eye glasses for everyone, even kids. You can think a little more about the shipping time if it is online.

Prescription eyewear is an essential part for everyday use. Zennis optic lenses are able to arrive in 2-4 weeks in your home.

They say that standard shipment is 14-14 business days. This includes the time required for the glass making process and the travel time.

How Long Does Zenni Optical glasses Take to Ship?

Depends on the location and can lead to longer delivery times. Zenni Opticals lenses are made in China with worldwide sales. Most people receive their glasses much sooner than an average 14 – 21 days.

The glasses can usually last up to date in less than that period. There are 3 shipping options in the USA.

The majority of people use the standard shipping method with their glasses delivered within two weeks or less. It takes longer to arrive than it is possible to wait to save money.

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Where Does Zenni Optical Ship From?

Zenni’s factories are in China and its entire shipping originates in China. Whatever country or world you live in, all the glasses are imported into the United States.

The company also sends products by UPS, USPS, and FedEx. One thing to be aware of is it is not a cost to ship it out. You should probably pay $5 shipping depending on how much you buy.

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What’s Available at Zenni Optical?

Online store offers a large selection of eyewear and sunglasses with various frames styles and lenses. There are online shopping options to buy glasses.

ZenNi offers over 2300 frames in three styles – Men’s and Kids styles. There are eight different styles available, including birdeye, round and square glasses, and many different types of glasses.

There are many lenses available in Zenni. Although many of prescription lenses in zenni optical glasses and the options below are free, others can be ordered for a fee: Team Clark members Nicole and Liz have previously ordered glasses from Zenni Optical.

Zenni Eyeglasses

Like I mentioned before my purchase, Zenni eyewear was through an ad on Twitter targeted specifically to my needs.

It’s my favorite. I clicked the links on their website. It was unbelievable how cheap they looked! My choice is neon pink frames & tortoiseshell frames.

The new pair only totaled about $50 for the shipping. I waited until the prescription for glasses arrived back from my doctor. I thought – do these folks even have to go on a trip to Hawaii? I was just not sure.

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Do all Zenni orders ship within hours?

Most people think everything sent by Zenni ships within a few days. It isn’t really true. It takes between 4-6 days for a shipment.

There are several things that affect shipping time. In addition, prescription verification, and time frame availability may result in delayed delivery.

In summary Zenni can not guarantee that the orders will be shipped in less than two working days. Also See Where is Zales Shipped?

How Much Do Zenni Glasses Cost?

Zenni provide offers an extremely reasonable price compared to some of its competitors. Men prescription eyeglasses / Women’s eyeglass prices start around $6.95 with selected styles at higher levels at $49.95.

Children’s eyeglasses are priced from a minimum of $6.99 and will go up to $5.95. Zenni also sells progressives and bifocals at an even greater discount.

So you can buy glasses online, a quality glasses, or non prescription glasses.

Progressives start at $37.15. Bifocal glasses cost just under $19. Clark said he could buy one basic pair of sun protecting glasses for about $15.25 for the same price.

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What is the longest shipping time I can expect for my Zenni order?

The glasses will be delivered at extreme speed for about 3 months after the purchase of the glasses. The glasses have been made to individual specifications for each customer.

Typically the company is trying the most to ship orders quickly, but owing to the custom nature of the products, sometimes the wait time is longer than normal.

Almost all the orders ship in between one and two weeks from order completion and delivery. When you wear or want glasses make sure to buy your Zennis glasses very early!

Zenni Global shipping timelines

Some orders may encounter delays well beyond anticipated shipment times due to customization or prescription verifications.

Usually, if a frame is customized with engraving or special lenses coating, they need a little bit of time before making your order.

When ordering glasses for eye treatment, Zenni must check their prescribing medication with eye doctor or a health professional first.

Those steps can sometimes last days. They are attempting to keep their current prescriptions on file for you to receive when you make a purchase.

How will I know if my Zenni order is delayed?

During your order processing, you will receive a notification by e-mail of the expected shipping date.

You can check your order status through your ZENIN account. In case of delay your order will appear under “Continual Status”.

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How often do Zenni orders experience shipping delays?

The company claims to deliver the majority of orders within 8-14 days. Occasionally, orders have shipping difficulties. Please check the shipping schedule. delays in the shipment are caused in many ways.

The most common reason for ordering prescription glasses is that they don’t appear in stock. Usually the process lasts several days.

The delays could also be due to faulty delivery information and payment methods on most orders, as compared to normal orders.

How do I track my Zenni order after it ships?

You can check orders by login to the Zenni website. From there you can see orders history and tracking info. Once orders are shipped, you will be sent an email notification containing the tracking info.

Customers can easily track orders through their website or their tracking number. Tracking data is typically delivered within 72 hours.

Is there Express Shipping at Zenni optical glasses?

Yes, Zenni Optical offers express shipping as an option for customers who want their glasses delivered quickly.

The cost and estimated delivery time for express shipping may vary based on your location and the selected shipping method. You can check the shipping options and estimated delivery times for priority shipping, during checkout on the Zenni Optical website.

How long does standard shipping take?

Standard shipping at Zenni Optical typically takes 14 to 21 business days for delivery within the United States. However, delivery times may vary depending on the shipping destination and any unforeseen shipping delays.

How long does zenni take to ship on holidays?

Zenni Optical’s shipping times may vary during holidays due to increased order volumes and carrier delays. It’s best to check the estimated delivery date provided a contact their customer service for specific information regarding holiday shipping.


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