Chewy Return Policy: How to Return Items, Timeframe, and More

If you don’t like your ChewY buy it’s probably time to send it back. the Chewy website makes it easy to return products and offers different alternatives if needed.

In this report, we’ll explain the Chewy returns policy in more detail. Our team hopes these details have helped you and help you get maximum enjoyment from Chewy!

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Chewy returns – Does Chewy Accept Returns Without a Receipt?

Because the order can be placed online and the purchase information is in Chewy files, there will absolutely be nothing to return if you have an unused item in your wallet.

Chewy processes your refund on your behalf, based on the original payment method and what information you provide on your account.

How Long do Chewy refunds take?

Chews can be shipped quickly to customers. You can contact the service representative immediately for refunds and shipping costs. Most card issues take anywhere from 3 to 5 days for you to pay.

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What Is Chewy’s Return Policy on Used Items?

Chewy is unable to return unused items. It includes open pet food cans, used litter, and anything you use with your pet. Chewy only accepts returns for goods whose contents are not opened or in pristine condition.

Chewy Shipping

Current world situations mean delivery times run longer than usual. Please remember that all pets need food within three to six days of delivery while prescriptions prescription medications may require 5-10 days.

Check your order status on our website. Chewy monitors and emails you once the order is shipped. Orders are accepted from Tues-Sat, 7 am-10 pm.

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Is Chewy’s Return Policy Free?

Yes. Chewy has an easy return process. The majority of items may come back to your store after 365 business days of receipt. Chewy doesn’t charge any return shipping fees.

What Is Chewy’s Return Policy on Dog Food?

Chewy’s return policy is designed to satisfy even the most discerning customers. Rest assured that you can return or exchange any product that doesn’t meet your standards.

What Is Chewy’s Return Policy on Pet Food?

Chewy guarantees satisfaction with all our products, including pet food.

Questions on Chewy Gift Cards

What are Chewy gift card options? Their products are available in two types digital and eGifting cards. What is your way to receive an I gift card from them? I’ll send my card to me as soon as possible after I order it for free.

What should be done in the event the recipients have not received the gifting card? Make sure the email is entered into the e-mail box or call Chewy at 1-617-4449.

Tell me what my current e-gifting and expiration date is. The time period is not over. How can you get a discount for using an e-Gift Card? No charge is required. How can I return the eGiftcard that I purchased?

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Does Chewy offer full refunds?

Chewy only provides a refund. It does not offer a partial or total return policy but offers a full refund which is fast, straightforward, and has no hassles.

Many times people won’t even request a return of an item, but they often urge customers to donate to animal shelters and toss items rather than throw them.

There is no refund for pet supplies or pets prescribed medication as they are provided in individual cases. A complete refund is not possible on any e-card or card unless a legal requirement exists.

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How Long Do You Have to Return an Item to Chewy?

You can make returns on Chewy items within one business day, 365 days a year if you have not paid. Customer Care offers customer assistance for the repair or replacement of the defective Chewy product and for refunds 24 hours a day.

How Long Does Chewy Take to Process Returns?

Chewy handles all your pet needs on request within 24 hours from receipt of the item. If you’re back on a refund, you’ll be notified by e-mail by the pharmacist. Depending on the bank your refund will appear on your checking account within seven days.

How to cancel a Chewy order?

Because Covid19 is in this situation Chewy cannot sell existing orders or make new ones. Cancellation of orders is possible only if no order has been received.

The only way to change the policy is to log into and click the order button if the cancellation option has been selected. If you want to cancel an order, please send your Chewy account a message.

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Can You Return an Item to Chewy Without a Receipt?

Yeah! Chewy provides refund and exchange services with no need to return original packaging or receipts.

Doing the chewy swap without a receipt is relatively simple. The order number must be available through a receipt of the chewy order status or through confirmation emails. If you have questions or need any further guidance please call our Customer Care team.

Is It Possible To Return a Chewy Item without the box or original package?

Yes, Items can be returned to Chewy with no packaging. Sometimes Chewy offers to deliver the item to you but you don’t have to return it to Chewy for it.

Instead, when Chewy makes they ask that you make your Chewy gift card for your local animal shelter. Upon returning the returned item, Chewy will reimburse you 100% of the cost of returning it, replace or issue a full refund.

Chewy Customer Service Team Phone Number

You can reach Chewy Customer Services by telephone at 800-671-4399. You can chat via your smartphone or directly online conclusion Chewy via their website.

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Can You Return an Item to Chewy after 30 Days?

Yes, Chewy has 365-day returns on many products.

Can You Return Prescription Medications?

At Chewy, returns or exchanges for prescription medications are not possible. Nonetheless, if you happen to receive an incorrect or damaged medication, we are happy to provide refunds or exchanges, based on individual cases.

How can I contact Lulu’s customer care if I have a query?

You can talk or text the customer service number at 866-918-5859, call 866-538-8800, or e-mail the customer support agent at [email protected].

What if I return a non-Lulus item?

Lulus refuses to return items not belonging to Lulus.

Can you return Chewy Products to PetSmart?

Yes, the return of Chewy items to pet owners. Chewy has not yet taken place and the return period for PetSmart return is not permitted.

Does Chewy offer chat support?

Chewy offers the most efficient chat system for customers. Live help can be found on this website. Send me a message here.

Chewy is an experienced customer support team who is very friendly and very knowledgeable. Customer support is outstanding and almost everyone agrees it is a pleasant time to converse with our customer care staff.

How do I return something from Chewy?

Can anyone send me an item to have replaced? Chewy returns policy has been designed to be simple and worry-free and will not cause you any inconvenience. Please contact the Chewy customer service team or support representative for a return or refund.

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Can you return opened items to Chewy?

Customers have the right to cancel a purchase within one year for a full refund. It covers anything that’s opened and used with logical reason, obviously.

Is Chewy owned by PetSmart?

In March 2015, BCP acquired petSmart for $8.6bn in what has been the biggest leverage buyout in retail. PetSmart sold Chewy’s online pet product company in 2019 and has since gone public.

Can I return an auto ship to Chewy?

All returned items under autoship must be covered by Chewy’s Return policy. A subscription is deemed null unless prohibited by law.

Does Chewy refund cat food?

All orders at Chewy have a 100% guarantee on their quality of the contact customer service %.


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