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Golo vs Noom: Best Weight Loss Programs Of 2024

While our three most popular weight loss programs and diet programs may have been suggested by two of three experts, there have also been some honorable mentions.

A collage representing the top weight loss programs including Noom and Golo

Noom App

The Noom App

Its main components lie inside the Noom. The Noom app includes the Red, Yellow, and Green foods as well as health tracking, including nutrition and fitness and other vital health metrics including glucose and blood pressure. A weekly program for restoring and strengthening a relationship is also available through the app – Noom. It is easy and reveals a deeper understanding of the problem. Although daily lessons are called they do not require daily lessons. They are available to the user in their own way. In addition, Noom provides one-on-one coaching as well as a wide variety of support programs.

About Golo

About Golo

The program offers users a personalized personal coach, who can assist them in maintaining their goal. The Golo program aims to balance hormone levels in your body to increase your metabolism. Golo requires taking the daily release supplement, completing a particular diet, and exercising regularly. The golo Supplement, released, is made with proprietary components including gymmnema, berberines, and chromium. These compounds have been proven effective at lowering blood sugar, increasing insulin resistance, and promoting fat burning. Golo gives users support through the online community and enables them to be motivated and accountable.

Noom Yellow Foods List

Yellow foods have higher amounts of calories compared to green foods but they have higher nutrients and health benefits. This list of yellow dietary ingredients by Noom.

Noom's Yellow Foods category


the GOLO Diet

In addition, GOLO seeks to reduce insulin resistance, which has been identified in weight and metabolic problems. It emphasizes that weight loss is a necessary method for attaining improved metabolic health and achieving results.

Understanding the Different Lose Weight Programs

Understanding the variety of weight loss programs

Having a good weight loss plan can sometimes be difficult. Many people are fortunate to find programs that help reduce weight. In the following sections, we will examine various popular diets and exercise programs.

Noom’s Approach

Noom uses a psychologically based method in weight loss focusing on behavior change and mindset changes.

Noom's psychological approach to weight loss

It focuses on developing sustainable habits through customized training and instructional materials. Noom promotes mindful eating, promotes proportion and portion control, and focuses on awareness to overcome emotional adversity. Noom provides personal coaching for clients beyond the simple help they need. Coaching helps individuals to learn about their challenges and develop personalized solutions for their success. This tool is intended to identify the user’s specific trigger and develop coping mechanisms for overcoming it.

Apps Winner

Customers liked Noom’s structure and weight loss tool.

 Noom app as the preferred weight loss tool according to customer preferences

The daily lessons are good and keep your interest daily – essential and popular weight loss app for those who can’t retain motivation. It is a scientifically supported program that assists individuals with developing healthy eating habits as well as providing community support. However, there is still an audience who prefers to use the GLO Diet app. This app is similar to the WW app but without points systems. It is familiar, and GOLO might make a better alternative if you need more calories and a more balanced diet.

Calibrate’s Approach

Calibrate's approach to weight loss

Calibration has been based on the metabolic health of humans. It uses medical expertise, nutritional training, and medication management in a personal manner. Caliber targets optimizing metabolic processes, digestive health, and other underlying factors that affect body weight growth. The program provides continuous help in maintaining success in the long run. Calibrate is an individual medical provider who focuses on metabolic health. This process involves conducting a comprehensive analysis of individual metabolic profiles as well as the underlying cause of weight gain and using different weight loss programs.

Golo’s Approach

The Golo program's approach to weight loss

Golo emphasizes controlling insulin levels to gain weight. It outlines the best ways of limiting the consumption of carbohydrates in the diet. The supplement Goolo supports a healthy metabolic state. It was designed to maximize insulin sensitivity and reduce insulin resistance. By eating wholesome and avoiding or eliminate processed foods and sugar, people may maintain a stable sugar level and prevent spikes in their blood sugar which may increase and promote weight loss. Designed with natural ingredients, the Golo supplement helps maintain metabolic balance and helps with weight loss.

Noom Monthly Cost

Noom's monthly cost

It’s a monthly subscription and can be purchased in whichever mode you want: for one month or an entire year. Noom is calculated according to its period in your account. Noom’s monthly cost is slightly cheaper and it’s $70 per month. Membership can last from 2 years to 1 year. The cost was $209. Averaged at $17, that’s essentially a massive reduction over one-year options.

Omada’s Approach

Omada's holistic approach to weight loss

In addition to personal coaching and digital tools, the program provides support for the weight loss journey. The program uses a holistic approach to food, exercise, sleep, and stress control. Omada promotes sustainable behavior change by helping people develop healthy behaviors and navigate possible barriers. Omada’s coaching provides personalized assistance and guidance through medical experts who offer individual help. In addition to developing customized actionable steps for users, their consultants also provide advice and support long term weight management. During regularly scheduled check-up visits and feedback coaching, clients will ensure they are gaining the right knowledge to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Cost of Noom

 The cost of the Noom program

Noom provides a range of subscriptions that are based on different types of services and durations. Monthly subscriptions generally run about $59 and are available longer-term for discounted rates. Noom offers free 14-day testing and offers a money-back guarantee. A subscription plan from Noom has been designed to meet individual needs. The program aims to offer the best possible weight-loss solutions with personalized coaching, meal-tracking exercises, and an open support network.

Reviews & Results Winner

Reviews and results comparisons between Noom and GOLO

Overall, Noom demonstrates higher customer satisfaction levels. GOLO is newer than Noom but not as popular so the review numbers of Noom are hundreds compared with those of GOLO which are usually hundreds or millions.

Cost of Golo

The cost of the GOLO program

Golos pricing includes bundles of additional programs. It costs $49.95 to $799.95, depending on the package selected. Supplements are available separately. Golo guarantees a 60-day refund to unhappy customers. Golo weight loss kits offer users a holistic and sustainable weight loss management strategy. Golo Release is a patented plant-based supplement designed to help control diabetes and improve metabolism. Guests will receive an additional guidebook along with a nutrition and exercise guide.

Food Tracking Systems

The food tracking systems of Noom and GOLO

It features color-coded systems and provides users with user-friendly nutrition options with flexibility in their diet. It is designed to educate users without requiring them to strictly limit certain processed foods either. Conversely, GOLO encourages the consumption of whole foods and advises against refined foods as it improves insulin and maintains hormonal balance.

Cost of Omada

The cost for Omada varies by health provider or employer. It is usually fully insured or supported by a company. For people without insurance, Omada offers an option of paying for themselves. The cost of each month is between $600 and $800. A loan option has been developed at Omada to help eligible people. Omada focuses on personal coaching and peer and psychology support groups. Programs aimed at helping individuals make lifestyle changes leading to long-term calorie reduction.

Golo vs Noom: Can I use both Noom and Golo at the same time?

Both programs are available in a variety of formats, including Noom food tracking software or Golo’s nutrition plan. The best advice to take is to consult a medical practitioner before using weight loss programs.

Are there any side effects associated with the Golo Release supplement?

Golo release is an organic supplement that has little or no side effects. The advice you should always seek advice from an experienced medical provider before starting any supplement regimen, even when you have an existing medical condition or have medications.

How quickly can I expect to see results with Noom or Golo?

Weight reduction results vary according to individual characteristics including weight starting weight, commitments to the program, and compliance with to plan. The normal weight loss can usually be between a few pounds and 3-5 pounds a week.

What is the downside of GOLO?

It can be difficult, complicated, or expensive. It is also not clear whether it can be used in combination with other healthy lifestyle habits.

What weight loss program has the highest success rate?

The Mediterranean diet is ranked at the top of the list of the best weight management diets. All people are not exactly alike, so we’ve chosen several safe choices. Hundreds – thousands are losing their weight each year in the US.

What is the lawsuit against GOLO?

GOLO has denied the allegations that Insulin Resistance products and the products manufactured by them were “implied disease claims”.

What is better than Noom?

Alternative alternatives include PlateJoy Eat and Holly Health. If the three options listed here are not working for you, here is another alternative.

What is the downside of GOLO?

The GOLO diet, like any healthy diet plan, has its potential downsides or cons, which might affect its suitability for certain individuals. Here are a few key points to consider:

Limited Research

There’s limited independent scientific research supporting the specific claims of the GOLO diet. Most of the studies supporting its effectiveness are funded by the company itself, which can lead to a bias in the results.


The GOLO diet requires purchasing the GOLO Rescue Plan, which includes the Release supplement. This can be a recurring cost, which might not be sustainable or affordable for everyone in the long term.

Supplement Reliance

The diet heavily promotes its supplement, Release. While the company claims it is all-natural and safe, reliance on any supplement over natural food for weight loss can be a point of concern for some individuals, especially those with health conditions or those taking other medications.

Lack of Long-Term Studies

There are limited studies on the long-term effects of following the GOLO diet and using the Release supplement. Long-term safety and effectiveness are, therefore, not well-established.

Dietary Restrictions

While the GOLO diet promotes balanced eating, it does require monitoring and restricting certain types of foods, which might be challenging to sustain for some people.

One-Size-Fits-All Approach

The GOLO diet, like many commercial diet plans, may adopt a somewhat generalized approach to weight loss, which might not suit everyone’s individual health needs, preferences, and lifestyles.

Behavioral Change Challenges

The GOLO diet also focuses on behavioral change for weight loss, which can be difficult for some individuals to adapt to and maintain in the long term.

What weight loss program has the highest success rate?

Determining the weight loss program with the highest success rate can be challenging because success depends on various factors including individual commitment, lifestyle, metabolic rate, and by how much weight, success is measured (e.g., amount of weight loss, maintenance of weight loss, improvement in health markers, etc.). However, several commercial weight loss programs are often recognized for their effectiveness based on user success stories, scientific research, and popularity:

1. Weight Watchers (WW): Known for its points system building healthy habits, and community support, WW consistently ranks high for success rate, particularly because it’s sustainable long-term, flexible, and focuses on a balanced diet.

2. Jenny Craig: This program offers prepackaged low-calorie meals and has shown good results in terms of weight loss and maintenance, partly due to its structured nature.

3. Nutrisystem: Similar to Jenny Craig, it’s based on prepackaged meals that are calorie and portion-controlled, which can simplify the weight loss process.

4. The Mediterranean Diet: Though not a commercial program, the Mediterranean Diet is highly regarded for its health benefits and sustainability. It emphasizes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and olive oil, and is linked to weight loss, improved heart health, and lower risk of chronic diseases.

5. The DASH Diet: Originally developed to fight high blood pressure, the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet is also effective for weight loss. It emphasizes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins.

6. Keto Diet: A high-fat, low-carb diet that has been popular for rapid weight loss. Its long-term success and health impacts are debated among nutritionists.

7. Intermittent Fasting: While more of an eating pattern than a diet, intermittent fasting has gained popularity for weight loss and health improvement.

8. Noom: A newer entrant, Noom uses a psychology-based approach and personal coaching to help users lose weight. It has been gaining positive reviews for its effectiveness.

9. Plant-Based Diets: Generally focusing on foods derived from plants, these diets can be effective for weight loss and overall health improvement.

The “best” or “most successful” for losing weight or program people lose weight can vary widely from person to person. The key to successful weight loss often lies in finding a program that you can adhere to in the long term, that fits your lifestyle and dietary preferences, and that does not compromise your health. It’s always advisable to consult with healthcare providers before starting any new diet or weight loss program, especially if you have underlying health conditions.

What is the lawsuit against GOLO?

Based on info from April 2023, GOLO, the company behind the GOLO Diet, faced a lawsuit regarding its business practices. The lawsuit primarily focused on allegations of misleading advertising and billing practices. Key points of the lawsuit included:

1. Misleading Claims: The lawsuit alleged that GOLO made unsubstantiated claims about the effectiveness of its products, particularly its Release supplement, in aiding weight loss.

2. Auto-Renewal and Billing Practices: A significant part of the lawsuit centered on claims that GOLO enrolled customers in automatic subscription renewals without making this clear to them at the time of purchase. Customers alleged they were charged for additional shipments of the Release supplement without their explicit consent.

3. Lack of Transparency: The lawsuit also accused GOLO of not being transparent about its pricing and the terms of its offers, particularly regarding the free trial period and the subsequent enrollment in a subscription service.

4. Difficulty Canceling Subscriptions: Customers reported challenges in canceling their subscriptions, encountering hurdles when attempting to stop recurring charges.

It’s important to note that legal actions like this are complex and the presence of a lawsuit does not necessarily imply guilt. The outcomes of such lawsuits depend on various factors and can result in settlements, changes in company practices, or dismissals.

If you’re considering using GOLO or any other weight loss program, it’s advisable to research thoroughly, read customer reviews, understand the terms and conditions, and consult with healthcare professionals. Being informed can help you make decisions that are best aligned with your health and financial interests.

What is better than Noom?

Determining what is “better” than Noom for your weight loss goals or health improvement largely depends on individual preferences, goals, lifestyle, and how one responds to different types of diet plans and programs. the Noom diet is known for its psychological approach to weight loss and its focus on long-term lifestyle changes. However, if Noom doesn’t align with your needs or preferences, there are several other options to consider, each with its unique approach:

1. Weight Watchers (WW): Renowned for its points-based system, WW encourages a balanced diet and offers strong community support. It’s suitable for those who prefer a more structured program with group support.

2. MyFitnessPal: If you’re looking for a robust app for tracking your food, calorie intake, and exercise with a large food database, MyFitnessPal can be a great tool. It’s less structured in terms of weight loss plans but offers great flexibility.

3. Jenny Craig: Known for its prepackaged meals and dedicated personal consultants, Jenny Craig could be a better fit if you prefer a more structured diet plan without the need to make daily food choices.

4. Keto Diet Apps (like Carb Manager): If you’re interested in a low-carb, high-fat diet like keto, apps like Carb Manager can be more appropriate. They are tailored for tracking net carbs and aligning with the ketogenic lifestyle.

5. The Mediterranean Diet: This is not an app or a structured program, but a dietary pattern known for its health benefits. It emphasizes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats. It’s ideal for those who want a less restrictive, more lifestyle-oriented approach.

6. SparkPeople: Offers diet tools, personalized meal plans, a supportive community, and resources for a balanced approach to weight loss, similar to Noom but with different resources and community aspects.

7. Mindful Eating or Intuitive Eating Programs: These are less about tracking and more about learning to understand and respond to your body’s hunger and fullness cues.

8. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Based Programs: For those who find the psychological aspect of Noom appealing, other programs or apps that focus on CBT for eating behaviors might be beneficial.

9. Nutrisystem: If convenience is key and you’re looking for a program that offers pre-packaged meals delivered to your door, Nutrisystem might be a good fit.

10. Fitness-Focused Apps (like Fitbit or Garmin Connect): If your primary goal is fitness and you’re less concerned with the nutritional or psychological aspects, a fitness-focused app might be more suitable.

Remember, the effectiveness of a weight loss program varies from person to person. It’s important to choose a program that you can realistically integrate into your lifestyle, and that aligns with your personal health goals and dietary preferences. Consulting with healthcare professionals like dietitians or doctors can also provide personalized recommendations based on your health needs.


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Golo vs Noom

Golo vs Noom

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Golo vs Noom: Best Weight Loss Programs Of 2024 While our three most popular weight loss programs and diet programs may have been suggested by

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